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Master's in Transportation Engineering with Civil 3D

About course

Course Start DateCourse DurationCourse ModulesCourse ScheduleWho Can JoinStudy ModeSoftware KnowledgeNumber of SoftwaresCourse CertificateInternship
6 May 20243 Months (12 Weeks)127:00PM - 8:00PM, 8:00PM - 9.00PMCivil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Highway Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Design Storm Systems, Piping Network, Design Engineer Construction Managers. Project Managers, AEC Field StudentsOnlineYes2YesYes

Master’s in Transportation Engineering with Civil 3D


  • A Master’s in Transportation Engineering with Civil 3D course designed to likely focus on advanced topics in transportation engineering with an emphasis on using Civil 3D software. 
  • Civil 3D is computer-aided design (CAD) software commonly used in civil engineering projects, including transportation infrastructure design. 
  • This course would likely cover areas such as transportation planning, traffic engineering, highway design, public transportation systems, and the application of civil 3D tools for designing roads, intersections, and other transportation facilities. 
  • Learn how to apply engineering principles to solve real-world transportation challenges using cutting-edge software tools like Civil 3D with hands-on learning experience.

Course Objectives

The course objectives for a Master’s in Transportation Engineering with Civil 3D might include:

  • Mastery of Transportation Engineering Principles: Develop a full understanding of transportation systems, including transportation planning, traffic flow theory, and infrastructure design principles.
  • Expertise in Civil 3D Software: Gain expertise in civil 3D software for transportation engineering applications, including roadway design, corridor modelling, and alignment optimization.
  • Advanced Design Skills: Get advanced design skills for transportation infrastructure projects, including intersection design, geometric design, and grading optimization using civil 3D tools.
  • Sustainable Transportation Practices: Discover sustainable transportation practices and strategies for minimising environmental impact, enhancing safety in transportation infrastructure projects, and improving overall efficiency.
  • Research and Innovation: Engagement in research activities to enhance knowledge in transportation engineering and discover innovative solutions to evolving challenges in the field.
  • Project Management and Collaboration: Develop project management skills for controlling transportation projects from beginning to completion, including effective collaboration with the cross-functional team and stakeholders.


Although previous experience in civil 3D is not required, it is helpful if you have a basic knowledge of civil engineering and design principles.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is ideal for civil engineers, surveyors, drafters, design professionals, construction managers, and anyone interested in civil engineering and design software.


An experienced lecturer with expertise in both Autodesk Civil 3D and civil engineering is going to be teaching this course.

Course Delivery

  • This e-learning program is a combination of live webinars, pre-recorded video lectures, group discussions, hands-on assignments, and weekly assessments. 
  • Apart from this, during the course, participants will have 24/7 access to the course materials as well as software tools.
  • With the use of industry-standard tools, this Civil 3D Online Course offers a flexible and easily accessible way for learners to enhance their expertise in civil engineering and architectural design. 
  • To prepare students for civil engineering tasks in a real-world setting, participants can prepare for a planned educational setting that combines theory with hands-on experience.

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